Police History

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  • Published : October 9, 2014
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Police History, Styles, and Issues
Jesse Sheffield
September 5, 2014
Teresa Kahl

Police History, Styles, and Issues
Ever wondered where policing came from? In this paper we are going to explore the history of policing and how it developed in America from the beginning. At the same time we are going to explore the different policing styles used in America through out history. After we will then look at the role of police in modern times in America. Historical Development of Policing and Styles

Most know that America adopted its original policing styles from Great Britain, considering our ancestors all came from their before colonizing over here. When the first Europeans landed on the shores they had to protect themselves and others from the people that did not want them here. All men and able bodied young boys were in charge of policing up the area. Once everything settled down and everything started to get more situated into more organized towns. The Justice of the Peace was created to protect the colonies and keep order. Criminals were usually put in stocks in the middle of town to pay their sentence to society. Eventually towns were growing to much and turning into cities where justice of the peace would just not work anymore. “In 1636 the city of Boston established Night Watch, which idea worked reasonably well as long as the area remained a rural and agrarian one” (Sabath, n.d.). You could say that the night watch was a communal and informal way of policing. Volunteers were in charge of walking the streets and watching for fires or any crimes being committed. When a fire or crime was committed the night watchmen would shout out loud to where the locals would wake up and hopefully take care of the “problem”. Since the night watch was mostly made of volunteers it usually would have men that sleep or drink while on watch, which would obviously make it to where it would not work. The cities would also use night watch as a punishment...