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Police Functions

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Policing Functions

Ruth Maguire


November 5th, 2012

Troy Hokanson

Police Functions

One of the most important changes in policing today is the information technology that is available to law enforcement agencies. Much has been changed in the managing of police officers and the organization of the communities. The main focus of the future of policing will be on anti-terrorism. Police are required to have more intensive training to keep up with the changes and the new modern technology that continues to broaden and advance. The local police deal with problems in the community and some of them are complaints of destruction of property, fights, excessive noise, and so on. There is also county police, municipal police, tribal police, and regional police included in the local category. They uphold the laws of the jurisdiction provide patrol as well as investigate local crimes. The county police have countywide jurisdiction. These police officers fall into three categories of full-service, limited-service, or restricted-service. They may also do road patrol on county roads as well as help in other areas. Municipal police can have a very complex role especially in large cities where there are a more people and more crime. The external environment of a big city influences police agencies (Crank, & Langworth. 1992. Pp. 341-346).

State police do highway patrol and statewide investigations as well as have to respond to emergencies when they necessary. They also may be called on to provide protection at large gatherings. The state police do highway patrol and statewide investigations. They also help local police with investigations as well as any emergency situations that may be outside their local jurisdictions. They also work in police communications, training police, and guarding state property. Some state departments have other law enforcement divisions such as capital police, campus police, state hospitals,...

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