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Police Function

By | May 2009
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The article of the 12 Miami Police Officers charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice is a clear example of the problem that we may encounter when the police department does not have good relations with the public it serves. The officers in this case demonstrate what seems to be an bad attitude of serving a community in which the problem are the people in general. The problem becomes great when the officers make up solutions with dealing with problems of the community they serve. The way they do this is by breaking regulations and behaviour standards.

Is important to have a Police Department to serve the community in order to protect its citizens from criminals and dangers that may occur within the community. The Officers must learn to deal with these problems without classifying everyone in the community as potential trouble makers and even those known problematic offenders must be given fare treatment when encountered in each situations.

Throw downs and other conspiracy's are the results of police classification in order to rid the streets of offenders and possible one's. This practice among police officers is a form of policing which is not appropriate and therefore is not expectable because they violate the constitutional rights of due process of its citizens.

In order to deal with such problems of conspiracy to obstruct justice in behalf of the police department like the one we seen here with the Miami Police Department we should create a more interactive police department with the community in which the people actually get to know who are serving their community. By doing so the public develops a sense of trust with its police department. Also AIB toughness should also be present for these situations of miss-conduct and action should take place for these officers of the department.

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