Police Culture

Topics: Police, Police brutality, Constable Pages: 4 (1520 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Policing Culture
CJA/214 Introduction to Police Theory and Practices

Policing Culture
They are everywhere, and we cannot get away from them. All over the world they come in a variety of different uniforms. No matter where we are we will always have them in some form or another. Every country that I have traveled to has some form of police. There are laws that must be followed. Through our experience, travel, and research we will look at some very critical things in policing like the culture and stress that is applied to officers. It has taken a long time but there are many minorities in law enforcement with equality. A police officer has a wide variety of things, called mechanisms. These mechanisms can help or hinder the decisions that are made. To get a better understanding of policing we will begin from the beginning of policing and how it became a structure, how it evolved into what it is today and the culture of policing. Policing is based on the English policing systems. Policing evolves over time resulting in major differences in the titles, responsibilities, and credentials within the legal system. Policing began during the Colonial America in the 1630s where they had no police officers who wore uniforms to distinct them from casual citizens. During Colonial America they had the watch and ward; it was a civic duty for all citizens with no training or pay. Later evolved to Metropolitan America in the 1840s where police officers were entitled to wear uniforms to distinct themselves from the crowd and a 24-hour movement was developed. During this same year Frontier America was developed. During this era federal agents were becoming politically appointed positions with no training or pay and businessmen hired private security to reduce violence and loss prevention. After all these change and evolving, 80 years later professionalism came into process. Police had limited discretion and specialized units were structures with scientific methods of...
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