Police Corruption in America

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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Police Corruption In America

Abstract Police corruption can be dated back to the 1890’s. This is still a major problem with many police agencies as of today. There are some cases where the officers are being paid off by the drug dealers. Police corruption can be resolved by tighten supervision, increasing the rules and by the amount of paperwork.

Back in the 1890’s corrupted cops where being paid as little as 20 dollars a month by small vice shops but the monthly fee went as high as $200. At that time Clubber Williams was named king of Tenderloin Corruption. It seems as if the punishment back in those days wasn’t as serve as it is today. There are a number of cases where police corruption was involved and the police officers were sentenced to jail time. Some cases have affected a few of the victims and their family lives. In the case of Javier Ovando in 1996 who was shot in the head and was left paralyzed from the wrist down after firing shots at three Los Angeles police officers. It wasn’t until officer Rafael Perez was caught stealing about 600,000 pounds of seized cocaine from a police locker. At that point a new story came out stating that Ovando was unarmed when he was shot. The only reason it came out was because Perez traded testimony against his fellow officers for a lighter sentence. This story along with others has touched off the largest corruption scandal and subsequent investigation in the history of the Los Angeles Police Department. Another case took place in Camden, N.J. when corruption charges were announced against Antonio Figueroa and Robert Bayard. These two officers were accused of falsifying evidence in drug cases along with conducting illegal searches, false testimony and filing false report between the years of 2007 and 2010. In the case of Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa both were employed by the NYPD but they worked for the Mafia. They were working for the Lucchese...
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