Police Corruption and Brutality

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Police corruption can be defined as an act involving the misuse of authority by a law enforcement officer. Throughout history in the United States of America, there has always been an element of corruption in the different police agencies. The two key elements that lead to an officer becoming corrupt are misuse of their police authority, as well as, monetary gains. Due to the fact that police officers are human, and face everyday life problems, contributes to the possibility and reason for corruption among the departments. In any organization where an individual is put into a position of power, the possibility of corruption exists, and especially when it’s an individual who enforces the law. Corruption and police brutality by an officer are just a few examples of misconduct, which leads to the many different cases police departments face every year. With there being no set plan to remedy corruption and wrong doing within the police department, it is imperative that we establish a program that can help enforce the rules and regulations within the department to help control officers behavior. “Corruption involves a range of actions encompassing an officer’s misuse of his or her authority for personal gain” (Grant & Terry, 2012).

It is extremely difficult to measure the extent of the corruption in a department, simply because the covertness of the crimes themselves. Corruption takes many different forms and some forms are more serious than others. For example, an officer who receives a free meal has become a growing debate over whether this should be defined as corruption. Gratuities are the most common form of corruption and some departments prohibit gratuities whereas, others don’t. Many people who argue against gratuities believe that gratuities lead to more serious forms of corruption. Accepting bribes to not enforce laws, theft, or burglary are examples of more serious forms of corruption and happens in every department. “Corruption...
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