Police Clearance System

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  • Published: December 16, 2012
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The Problem and its Background

People nowadays are into modernization. Computer is one of the greatest inventions of humanity, and it doesn’t end there. Right now, developers keep on adding something new to computers and make them more efficient than those before. At status quo, we live in an age known as the “modern age” or as we can see it the “techie-age”. Everything we do is connected with technology. It constantly seems to seep its way into our daily routines. Without technology, life would be more difficult than it already is. Things would be limited and more difficult to achieve. The task of technology is to create a better and easier way of living for ourselves and for the world. Computers and technology are now part of our daily lives. We’ve come upon to depend on them to function and to live. It is a fact that jobs performed manually are prone to errors and are much slower in processing than jobs performed with the aid of computers. Thus, by adopting the manual system, there is no assurance that the output produced is accurate or of quality. The Clearance Police Non-Commissioned Officer (PNCO) of Santa Maria Police Station uses the manual procedure in giving a record clearance, which unfortunately leads to many occurring errors. This is also one of the main problems of Clearance PNCO besides the time and effort allotted on encoding such files and documents with the use of Microsoft Word. With this, the researchers came up with an idea to have an organized, manageable and easier way of giving a record clearance. The researchers propose a Police Clearance System; a system that may be used to produce a police clearance. The system will help the police department have a centralized database system thereby making application speedy, data accessible, secure and reliable.

Statement of the Objectives
Generally, the main objectives of the proposed system is to develop a Police Clearance System to improve the manual system and to help the...
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