Police Brutality in America

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  • Published : January 19, 2013
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English 1102
Police Brutality and Discrimination

Think about being stopped by a police officer for a speeding violation and being thrown out of your car viciously. After hitting the ground face first, you are struck numerous times with a baton by the officer and kicked into unconsciousness. Is this usually what occurs when someone breaks the speed limit? Well in this case that is what happened to Rodney King in Los Angeles, California. Despite this controversial police brutality case that occurred over twenty years ago, numerous cases similar to this one are still being reported today, many against minorities like African-Americans and Latinos.   Police officers use hatred, unnecessary force, and racial profiling to discriminate against minorities. This discrimination includes using skin color to determine what charges will be filed against the suspect (Lendman). Why is skin color being used by officers to determine what charges will be filed? I believe the crime they commit and charges that officers file against them should be determined by actual facts about that crime, such as what the crime was, what occurred, and how were others affected by their actions. The skin color of an individual should play no role in determining what he or she is charged with, and I believe this study can explain why. According to a study conducted by a Trinity University scholar, ”police officers are more likely to use unnecessary force against racial minority suspects that live in economically disadvantaged communities”(Lea1).  The author from the article basically says that police officers are more likely to be aggressive with an African-American suspect and more lenient with a Caucasian suspect. The white suspect might receive a warning for their small crime when an African-American charged with the same crime would receive a fine or even jail time. This study exposes how certain police officers use intimidation and hatred towards others to express racism towards...