Police and Representation

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Victoria Rushton, 11Monet

Study representations one and two. They are both representations of how effective policing was in late Victorian Britain. How far do these representations differ?

In this essay I will be studying two representations from late Victorian Britain on how effective policing was and how much they differ between each other. I will be covering topics such as, their beats and shifts, how often they worked, and how the representations show how their methods were effective. I think that there were more differences that similarities between them both, and I will be backing my opinion up with quotes and evidence from each source.

Firstly, representation one is based on the typical day of a police officer, their day to day work, and how they go about it. Compared to representation two, which is the prevention of crime. One of the similarities is that they both mention the different beats and shifts that the officers have to work, they both clearly state that they have a certain route to follow, and they have to meet up with a sergeant to talk about what has occurred on their beat. In representation one however, as it is written for a younger audience by the Home Office, it is seen as an exciting thing to talk to their sergeants, “…meeting his beat sergeant at certain times for half an hour to discuss what had happened so far”. Whereas in representation two, it is seen as the sergeants do not trust the officers, “sergeants followed the constables round on their beats to ensure they were doing their duty, not sleeping in doorways or idly chatting to each other or to anyone they met.” I think this is a more realistic view of their job, as in the first source the police are seen to never get into trouble, and are one hundred per cent trusted, again because it was written for children, but in the second source is it more realistic, because it was designed for informing adults. In representation one, the sergeants and the officers are seen to have...
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