Police and Law Enforcement Response

Topics: Police, Constable, Crime Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: November 3, 2011
Checkpoint: Police and Law Enforcement Response
A police officers role in society is to effectively enforce laws, arrest offenders when a crime has been committed, prevent crime to their best ability, preserve the peace whenever possible, and provide services to community citizens in their time of need. Over the past 25-30 years, police departments have proactively been enforcing the Community Policing Theory, developed by Professor Herman Goldstein, on their staff and officers. Community policing promotes relationships between officers and society. In order to prevent crime, officers and communities need to work together to address the problems that encourage or cause criminal activity. In order for this theory to work properly, police officers and the community must understand and respect each other as well as the principles of community policing. The basic principles are: colleagues, partnerships, implementation, and long term. Colleagues refer to effective communication between the community and police; therefore making relationships stronger between them both. Partnerships consist of relationships between the police and different organizations such as: schools, neighborhood groups, families, merchants, etc… Implement is a primary principle that relates to the specific needs of a community and examining different programs that might be effective. The Long term principle refers to police and members of community taking a long-term perspective and approach to improve. Accepting the realization that trust and effective relationships take time and resources to develop and maintain. The community policing theory has become an efficient and helpful tool to police and their communities everywhere. It would be easy to conclude that if we hypothetically lessened police involvement in the community policing theory, the results would be devastating. The members of the community would still be reporting crime; however, there would be less police officer’s to respond...
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