Police and Law Enforcement

Topics: Police, Law, United States Constitution Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: January 14, 2013
* Future directions of crime fighting and its role in social policy implication * “Technology is a double-edged sword: it arms evildoers with potent new weapons of crime commission, yet is provides police agencies and criminal justice personnel with powerful tools useful in the battle against crime,” (Criminology Today, Frank Schmalleger, pp. 385). Criminology will always be linked to technology, even if that technology is seen as primitive or groundbreaking. Earlier forms of technology used within criminology include the telegraph, telephone, automobile, and radios. *

* Technology used today is much more vast and sophisticated then those limited resources of the past. Some of the technology used today include: laser-based speed-measuring apparatuses, computer databases of known offenders, machine-based expert systems, cellular communications, video surveillance, electronic eavesdropping, deoxyribonucleic acid analysis, and less-lethal weapons. *

* Law enforcement vehicles alone is a form of technology, but today they house large amounts of advanced forms of technology to help aid the law enforcement officers in safety, crime prevention, and crime fighting. Transponder-based automated vehicle location system is used within patrol car-based transmitters in tandem with orbiting global positioning satellites. GPS system will pinpoint the location of police officer’s vehicles so that dispatchers can allocate available resources, as well as reduce police response times in the event of a crisis. Computer-aided dispatch systems aids police dispatchers in distinguishing certain location. Computer-aided dispatch systems can quickly provide information about past incident reports on certain locations, how often law enforcement agents have been called to the location, and tell those responding officers what could be expected at the locations; due to past incident reports. *

* Some of the most innovative crime-fighting technologies...
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