Police Administration

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminology Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: September 28, 2011
In the current organization chart the Patrol commander works Monday through Friday and is only tasked with the patrol division. The second commander also works Monday through Friday but is in charge of the Investigations Division, Inspection and Control, Internal Affairs, Comsat and Community Preservation and Safety Unit while the other commander is only in charge of the Patrol Division.  This list of tasks would leave this commander in charge of over sixteen people, which could become overwhelming. The Investigations division works Monday through Friday and regularly works special details and emergency call outs. Investigations division is charged with investigating felony crimes such as homicide and robberies. Comstat is done on a daily basis when any crime is committed in the city and an informational tool to disseminate information throughout the patrol division. Inspection and control including internal affairs in conducted on a case by case basis, but still ran by the same commander. The community preservation and safety unit (CPSU) also works Monday through Friday and on special call outs. CPSU works much like the Investigations division, but also needs to include the community policing aspect of the job into their daily duties. CPSU regularly meets with members of the community and provides updates on crime statistics and takes on any concerns the community has. The patrol division has different shifts and covers the entire week including weekends, but only one shift is on duty at any one time. This now makes the Patrol commander in charge of seven entities within the department and the other commander is now in charge of nine entities. As you will see in the proposed organizational chart, I have assigned the Patrol commander with CPSU. Since this commander works a Monday through Friday shift and since this is the same schedule CPSU works, I felt this would relieve the other commander and give him more time to focus on his tasks. I believe the Patrol...
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