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Chapter 1


For the past years, I have observed how youth change. Among these changes, minor serves as primary actor. They learn many vices that lead them to unhealthy environment, creating a large spread of influence to other minors.

One of the vices that influenced the minors is smoking. Many know its effect on one’s health, but because they enjoy it, they continue doing it.
Smoking continuously spread through Brgy.176 Bagong Silang, Caloocan City. Many minors easily influenced by their friends among vices that are not good for them.

Background of the study
Cigarette smoking is still increasing since 2003, the government sees this problem that is still arising on this day. Because of their view on the problem about smoking, the government implemented Republic Art 9211 to ensure the health of the people all over the Barangay. Republic Art 9211 otherwise known as Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003 was implemented by the purpose of protecting the health of the people, minors and youth. The government has seen the problem of cigarette smoking as a threat to one’s health. In order to cure this problem, the government has taken an action regarding this. Through the implementation of R.A 9211, the citizen knows their limitations of use of the tobacco product. But still, the law itself was not seen as effective as what the government has seen it.

Conceptual Framework

R.A 9211 is not so effective in Barangay 176, Bagong Silang, Caloocan City Recommendation
-the Barangay must conduct seminars and programs in schools, Barangay, health center,Barangay hall, and other public places. Use descriptive method in gathering data
Gathering Data
-gather data from books, journal and internet
-gather information related to the study that foreign countries have. Survey
-distribute survey questionnaire

Statement of the problem
This research conducted tends to solve the problems regarding R.A 9211 particularly in brgy. 176 Bagong Silang, Caloocan City.

1. Do you often Smoke in Public places?
2. Is there many minors that you have seen smoking?
3. Is there any post advocacy materials in Barangay and other public places? 4. Do you know that a person who caught violating R. A 9211 can be imprisoned? 5. Is the implementation of R.A 9211 effective to your Barangay? 6. Is there any program or seminar conducted in your Barangay regarding R.A 9211?

R.A 9211 is not effective among minors and citizen in bry. 176 Bagong Silang, Caloocan City.

Scope and Delimitation
This research will discuss primarily on the effectiveness of R.A 9211 otherwise known as Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003, particularly in sections 2 and 3, among minors and citizen ofBarangay 176 Bagong Silang , Caloocan City, where 100 respondents will be used. The respondents’ years of age are 11 and above, of both gender and in one barangay.

Significance of the study
This research intends to open the minds of the citizen in Barangay 176 Bagong Silang, Caloocan City about R.A 9211. To respondents, to inform them about the negative effects that smoking will bring to them and their family. To residents, for them to know if of R.A 9211 is effectively implemented in Barangey 176 Bagong Silang, Caloocan City. To researcher, to inform about the silent causes of the arising habits among the people around the researcher. This research is a warning to all the readers and even tha Barangay 176 Bagong Silang, Caloocan City about the possible effects of smoking, the penalties on the violation, and the awareness of the Barangay in their responsibility and the rules of this law.

Definition of Terms
* Cigarette refers to any roll or tubular construction, which contains tobacco or its derivatives and is intended to be burned or heated under ordinary conditions of use. * Minor refers to any person below eighteen (18) years old. * Person refers to an...
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