Police Academy

Topics: Police, Constable, Communication Pages: 3 (851 words) Published: October 8, 2013
The Hunter Standard is a police academy that’s focus is on having the police officer upon completing the training ready to be prepared to start enforcing the law and serving the community the best way he or she can. The Hunter Standard Police Academy will consist of 360 hours of stressful and non stressful training techniques that will have an officer prepared to handle most situations faced in the real world and in the legal system, from how to handle hostile situations on the street, to filling out paper work to book criminals. The police academy will offer four courses, a reading, communication and writing course, a military boot camp or basic training course, a terrorism course and an ethics and integrity course. These courses should be taught because I feel that to be a good police officer you have to start off on the right path and through this academy upon leaving you will have enough class room and field learning to jump in the line of duty and start serving your community.

At the Hunter Standard Police Academy before being able to start training the applicant must first be able to pass a basic literacy test to make sure he or she has at least a 12th grade reading level. The test will include summarizing short stories, correct usage of grammar and spelling. After the applicant passes the screening test and is allowed to continue with the academy they will earn 3 hours towards the graduating total of 360 hours. The recruit has then made it to the first phase of the training and that’s the reading, writing and communication course which is worth a total of 100 hours. In this course the instructor will be a college English Professor to help with reading and comprehending what is being read then writing short answers which will help with filling out police reports or writing out a reason to get a warrant signed. For the communication part of the course a veteran police officer would be the instructor and help the recruits with their communication skills...
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