Poldat Management Assignment

Topics: Management, Insurance, Structure Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: March 18, 2012
Question 1.
POLDAT – Process/Organisation/Location/Data/Applications/Technology, is a simple structure often used in business process re-engineering projects. This framework is capable of considering the business at different levels of granularity, from a holistic overview of the enterprise to a very detailed look at specific implementation details. With regards to the small logistics business applying this architecture would allow a very well thought out and organised system. I believe using this architecture which embraces; Data/Application/Technology would be very useful for the business in the sense that using current technology such as GPS/Smart phones, each driver could be tracked geographically and monitored for example for security purposes. Each driver could be informed of a new collection which is close to their current location therefore avoiding the trip back to the warehouse and so on, this would allow greater flexibility and adaptation as the driver’s routes can be changed when ever required. Using the People/Processes/Tools and facilities architecture is a cruder approach which i think which might be worthy as an early business model however the POLDAT will help the business expand as required. Question 2.

The main safety risks to people and the environment arising from the implementation, use and eventual disposal of the system are; When implementing the system, people’s salaries may temporarily have to suffer in order to achieve the expenses required to put the new system in place, therefore creating a risk where by employees may decide to leave the business, therefore as a measure of precaution an analysis on how easy/how much time is required to find a replacement should be done. In terms of the environment i believe there is a minimal risk as no substantial structural changes in the warehouse would be implemented. Upon using the system risks to people may arise from a company driver having a car accident, this would potentially result in...
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