Polarization of Opinion Is Not the Way to Gender Equality

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Feminism Pages: 5 (1725 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Written task 1

Primary Source: The Independent.

Secondary Source: English A: Language and Literature (textbook)


We are going round in circles about who is better -men or women. We have to come to terms with the fact that men have strong points in some areas that women don’t have and vice-versa. The way we perceive men and women in culture, society or media must change. This blog is about current war between the two genders that is creating a huge division between men and women. According to me, it is not healthy and should be given more thought.

The title of the source is “Instead of fighting for gender equality, let’s forget gender altogether.” The writer is Caroline Mortimer. The blog was written on Wednesday, 6 June 2012 at 4:00 am. The area of communication is the section from the syllabus – language in cultural context. In my task, I have decided to explore the issue of how to forget about gender equality and inequality by forgetting gender. The type of text is a blog. I have chosen this type of format because a blog offers the kind of forum free from constraints other media may face. The combination of controversial subjects, personal and opinionated perspectives make the blog an idea format to think about the fact that women empowerment has not brought equality like it should have and it’s reasons.

Only a blog can offer me the freedom to talk about such a controversial topic. If my topic were to written in some other mainstream formats like newspapers or magazine article, I am sure it would become a grave issue as everyone directs their attention toward them. The audiences, most likely, are men and women. Through my blog, I would like to inform the audience about the issue of gender quality. I have decided to continue the blog by Caroline Mortimer.


The constant war between both the genders – ‘Battle of Sexes’ – and the idea of gender equality has become vain. Neither the men nor the women have benefited greatly from the outcome of this war. While one is up, the other is down and vice-versa. There is never parity between the two. We generally fool ourselves into thinking that men and women are equal in all ways or that they should be, but they are not. Men and women are obviously physically and emotionally different and to take equality to extremes is to de-emphasize what makes both the sexes unique and complimentary. No one say who is better because there is no answer. According to me, we all need to embrace each other’s positive and negative points in order to climb up the ladder.

Male and female roles in society have changed frequently over the generations. The separation of the genders has obscured as humanity moves into the 21st century and feminism and women empowerment have improved quite a lot. Then why haven’t we achieved gender equality yet? I think the answer to this is quite perplexing. If we go back in time men have always been at top in the hierarchy of genders. It was the female gender that had to come up to create balance and equality. Since then, females struggled for their rights. Feminism surely helped women get a great deal of rights. Nowadays, women can vote and women are allowed to write their name on the books they have written etc. Empowering women means empowering a country as the effect is multiplied through her children, family, community and country. Women have become stronger now. In the west, women today have access to political, economic and educational opportunities of which their grandmothers could only have dreamed. Women empowerment has also given women a voice, financial independence, and confirmed that they actively participate in society to bring about change. Women have stepped out of the shadow of man. Due to empowerment, women are now able to express their...
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