Polarity and Polarity Management

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  • Published: December 25, 2013
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Polarity and Polarity Management
Kaplan University


This paper explores and provides an insight on the Marketplace Business Fundamentals simulation, polarity and polarity management in detail. It proceeds to discuss how polarity and polarity management relates to the management of the Marketplace Business Fundamentals simulation. The paper focuses on a particular polarity “cost and quality” that can exist in the Marketplace Business Fundamentals simulation by providing an overview and step processes on how to manage it. It uses credible sources and an accurately completed polarity map with comprehensive explanations to help in understand the polarity (cost and quality) and polarity management.

Polarity and Polarity Management
The Marketplace Business Fundamentals simulation is a team orientated project that entails the team members to cooperate with one another so as to make crucial business decisions. To most, this simulation is perceived as an insightful tool that teaches various people from all walks of life that do not necessarily have the same business perspective to be able to work cooperatively together. With this said, in most organizations; there are certain competing values that need each other over time in order to achieve a greater purpose and they are referred to as polarities; thus these polarities have to be managed effectively and efficiently. There are several common types of polarities that may be found in an organization; in the Marketplace Business Fundamental simulation the team is faced with a few polarities like; planning and taking action, decentralization and centralization, critical analysis and encouragement, cost and quality. To elaborate further on the polarities and polarity management identified in the Marketplace Business Fundamentals one has to explain polarity and polarity management in...
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