Polar Opposites

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March 01, 2013

Polar Opposites

When my twins were infants it was much easier for everyone to acknowledge them as twins. A big clue was the double stroller. There was never a question if they were twins as long as I had that linking stroller nearby. But as they grew out of the strollers they grew into themselves. Now that they are six years old nobody would suspect them of being twins. They are complete opposites. I often joke to others that if I sent someone into a room full of kids and gave them a picture of Benjamin and asked them to pick out his twin; they would more than likely come out with a different kid altogether. The twins don’t only differ in appearance they are also very diverse in their character, and interests.

Although Benjamin and Nathaniel are twins, the only thing they share in common is their birthday. The twin’s features are extreme opposites. Benjamin stands at least two inches taller than Nathaniel. He has blonde curly hair, light brown eyes, and is so fair he must wear sunscreen and a hat when out in the sun. Nathaniel on the other hand, has stick straight jet black hair, deep brown eyes, and a natural tan that will outlast the longest winters. It’s even difficult for me to buy matching clothes since the twins sizes are in found in different departments of the store.

In addition to them looking more like friends than twins their characters are also much different. Benjamin will think everything through prior to jumping in and doing the event; he is very safe and will not bring any harm to himself. Nathaniel, however, has ridden in an ambulance and a helicopter being rushed to the hospital after making the wrong choices. There is no roof too high to jump off, no room to dark to enter, and no distance to far to wander. There have been many trips to the emergency room for stiches and x-rays. Benjamin has figured out that if Nathaniel didn’t get hurt doing something then he should be safe and will...
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