Polar Ice Caps

Topics: Water, Ice age, Sun Pages: 2 (727 words) Published: June 25, 2011
* As the polar ice caps melt, the sea levels around the world will rise. * When the sea levels did rise, many islands would be lost and, because most of the islands are poor, they may not be able to be evacuated in time. It is predicted that places such as London, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai, were millions of the world’s population live, will find themselves submerged in icy water. * In 100 years, the sea level has been believed to rise over 6 inches. Scientists have predicted that by the year 2100, the ice caps may be completely melted and the sea level will have risen between 50 inches and 90 inches. This water will spill over coastland and into lakes and rivers. A lot of land and lives will be lost. * Loss of habitats of animals.

* As the ice caps melt, many species who live in that area will become extremely endangered or extinct. Species such as the polar bear, penguin and arctic seal will find that their homes disappear into nothing and so will die out. Many eco systems will break down and while some species will thrive and their numbers will become increasingly huge but other animals will die out as their food becomes scarce. * As the cap melts, the impact on animals in the area is readily apparent. The primary problem is the reduction of habitat. Polar bears are the most obvious animals suffering from this situation. The habitat of the polar bears is the ice flow areas around the edges of the caps. As the caps melt, the flows are disappearing and pulling back to the extent that there is no ice on the shores. The extent of the melting is such that a Russian ship was able to reach the North Pole in 2005 without the use of an ice breaker. This lost habitat is pushing the polar bears to the edge of extinction. Various estimates put the total population at 20,000 and dropping. * Additional water will bring more water vapor or clouds. * This is one of the areas of dispute. Many see this additional cloud coverage as...
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