Polar Bears Extinction

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Are polar bears facing extinction because of global warming?


By: Aieron Levy

Could global warming be killing polar bears?

The weather temperature is rising because of global warming, this is due to changes in the entire Arctic eco system. Scientists suggest that warmer temperatures mean less lack of ice that polar bears depend on for hunting. As their normal habitat gets hotter it goes down in size, this consequence leads to fewer polar bears. For the polar bear, which is a non replaceable symbol of the Arctic, climate change could cause extinction of polar bears. Temperatures in the Arctic are increasing at almost twice the rate as the rest of the world.

Since 1973 the Arctic sea area ice has become smaller by more than 2% per 10 years. Greenland’s huge ice sheet carries enough melted water to raise sea levels by two feet (seven metres). Polar bears are the world’s biggest land based predators, but despite being on top of the food chain, they face threats from climate change that they cannot overcome – unless something is done about it.

How can people help stop this before it is too late? By calling on world governments to protect the polar bears habitat and show the effects of global warming around the world.

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Global warming is a myth, a lie to control you. I can point out record cold around the country, etc. But I will do one better I will explain the global temperatures to you. The sun controls our weather, when in solar maximum the sun produces lots of sun spots which increase the sun’s temperature which translates to all the inner planets warming up. As of 2008 we have entered solar minimum what does this mean. Well the sun has cycles a predictable thing until 2030.

We are in solar minimum, the sun spots disappeared completely as the cycle ended. They did not return when expected and did return in much fewer numbers. This means this solar...
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