Poland vs Usa

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Compare two different countries. (1700 words)

In this paper I am going t concentrate on clear similarities and apparent contrasts between the USA and Poland- one of the countries from central Europe. These countries have different climates, area, history, culture and politics. However, one may find their natural environment similar- in both countries there are mountains, lakes, seas and forests.

When you think about the two countries- Poland and the USA- you may find them completely different at the first glance. However, there are numerous differences as well as similarities between them. Poland is quite a small country. Its size is similar to Texas- one of the States in the USA. Poland is situated in central Europe and it borders on the Baltic Sea and the Russian Kaliningrad Region in the north, Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus in the East, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in the south, Germany on the west. The United States of America is located in the other hemisphere. It has only two neighboring countries- Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. In the west there is the Pacific Ocean and in the East- Atlantic Ocean. The distance between Poland and the USA is made not only by the Atlantic Ocean. The countries are separated by many other features.

Let us take a look at the similarities at the beginning. The United States of America as well as Poland is a democratic country. The governments of these countries are supposed to respect the rights of the individual. Both countries have their constitutions, the book of laws of highest importance. The constitutions make the government the most important group of people protecting the liberty and providing limitations to what people do. The constitution of the USA was first written and established in 1879. The government there is democratic, which means that people elect it for themselves. Every person, who is over 18 years old, has a right to vote. There are state governments and the federal government....
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