Poland and Western Carpathian Mountains

Topics: Slovakia, Poland, Carpathian Mountains Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: October 20, 2010

1. The official name of our country is known as the Slovak Republic; however, the common name is known as Slovakia. The local long form is known as the Slovenska Republika and the local short form as Slovensko. 2. There is not a universal language on Slovakia, there are actually quite a few. In Slovakia, people speak anything from Hungarian to English. If you speak Czech, you may freely use this language in all communication; most people will understand what you say. In Southern Slovakia, many people also understand Hungarian and would carry on a decent conversation with you if you spoke to them in this language. The same situation exists near the Polish and Ukrainian borders, the only difference is that Polish and Ukrainian are somewhat similar to Slovak, while Hungarian is not at all related to Slovak. Another language they are able to understand is English, with the age range of 10-35 yrs of age who understand it the best, older people (mostly businessmen and other people who work in travel and commercial services) speak it also, to varying degrees. German was also taught during the communist era, so it is spoken by a wider range of ages. 3. The time zone in Slovakia is the Central European Time Zone – CET/CEST. These two time zone codes used in Slovakia are known as Central European Time (CET) and Central European Summer Time (CEST). If it were 1:00p.m.in Los Angeles, it would be approximately 10:00p.m. in Slovakia. Slovakia has a difference of 9 hours ahead of our Los Angeles time. 4. The Western Carpathian Mountains dominate the topography of Slovakia. They consist of a system of three regions of east-west-trending ranges—Outer, Central, and Inner—separated by valleys and intermountain basins. Two large lowland areas north of the Hungarian border, the Little Afold in the southwest and the Eastern Slovakian Lowland in the east, constitute the Slovakian portion of the Inner Carpathian Depressions region. Located roughly in the middle...
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