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  • Published : September 3, 2013
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PS M122B / ENV M161 2013 Paper #1 Frayman, Daniel Issue: Affirmative Action After reviewing two distinct sources, Wikipedia and Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (SEP), on the issue of affirmative action, it is evident of the disparities regarding the content in each. These differences arise from the fact that Wikipedia is a “bottom up” foundation where its articles are created and edited by random public volunteers while SEP is considered a “top down” encyclopedia that has its information written and released by experts or scholars only. When comparing coverage and treatment of a highly debated topic in affirmative action between an open- and expert-curated source, readers would notice the overall variation in the particular content displayed rather than mere contradictions. Furthermore, discrepancies also develop from the expository quality, reliability, comprehensiveness, bias, and granularity of the subject matter. This is a result of the entirely separate approaches Wikipedia and SEP take in educating the world about this issue. To begin with, Wikipedia defines the idea of affirmative action briefly before focusing its attention on the incorporation of such policies throughout a number of countries/regions. In order to maintain accuracy and limit presumption, Wikipedia chose to provide actual examples of affirmative action cases across the globe followed by the effects it caused. This produces a more statistical and trusted analysis, removing any accusations of biased material. Additionally, Wikipedia took a general informative position on affirmative action, utilizing facts, timestamps, and location to structure the article. From a chronological and objective standpoint, Wikipedia is the prominent source. It allows readers to form a stronger understanding on the topic without



compromising the legitimacy of the content. As for the underlying tenor, Wikipedia certainly reflects affirmative action in a positive manner in comparison to SEP,...
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