Pol 215 Roles Within the State

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Roles Within the State Matrix

• Select a state to review for the purpose of this matrix. Remember that this state will be used in later weeks’ activities. • Complete the matrix by identifying the term; the election, appointment, or confirmation process; and roles each process plays in state government. • Cite references or sources of information consistent with APA guidelines. • Identify the state:

Official TitlesTerm Length or
Term LimitsElection
(Include by whom and confirmation process)Role in State GovernmentReferences or SourcesGovernor
Rick Perry
4 years is length of term and no limitsGovernor Rick Perry has won re-Election over Democratic McConnell.Commander in chief, chief of state, chief executive officerSnellingcenter.com; http://wps.ablongman.com/long_oconnor_ag_8/33/8499/2175758.cw/-/2175760/index.htmlLieutenant Governor (or equivalent) 4 years is length of term and no limits

Election process, current Lieutenant Governor is David DewhurstAppoints committees of the senate, assign bills to specific committeeshttp://www.laits.utexas.edu/txp_media/html/leg/0601.htmlAttorney General (or equivalent) 4 years termElection process, Greg AbbottProviding advice and support to city and county officials..Civil Role, not criminal.http://texaspolitics.laits.utexas.edu/1_9_3.html; http://www.setexasrecord.com/news/s-5215-attorney-generalSecretary of State (or equivalent) 4 years termEsperanzas “Hope” Andrade, Appointed by Governor PerryOversees voter registration process, keeps records of debttexaspoliticsState Auditor (or equivalent) State Treasurer (or equivalent)

State Superintendent of Public Education (or equivalent)JennieState Commissioner of Higher Education (or equivalent)Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court: There are x additional justices.

Courts of Appeals: How many are there (not trial courts)?

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