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Pokka Singapore
Pokka Singapore is committed to its mission of being an excellent food company, that commits to customers' satisfaction and it aims to be a leader of food and drink manufacturer in Singapore and Asia Pacific Region.

Our Products
 Pokka - Pioneer in canned coffee manufacturing in Japan.  Launched 1st canned coffee product in Singapore in 1977.  Real brewed canned coffee - possibly the one and only available in Singapore.

Fruits have high water content and are natural sources of vitamins and fibre. When processed into fruit juices, they make a refreshing beverage. Most of Pokka's range of fruit juices are fortified with Vitamin C, an important anti-oxidant.

Our range of products include coffee, tea, fruit drink, asian drink, milk drink and energy drink.  
Milk tea
* Made from specially selected premium Ceylon tea leaves and high quality milk. * Its rich taste and sweet tea aroma lingers on to delight the taste buds. * This drink is real-brewed for tea lovers or those who seek, enjoy and appreciate the highest quality and the best taste in their choice of beverage. * A convenient & quick way to enjoy a café-quality taste milk tea everywhere & anytime * Contains no preservative nor colouring

* Available in convenient 0.5L PET bottles and 240ml can
          |   Available Packaging| Product Code| 0.5L x 12 bottles| 30381|
240ml x 30 cans| 13231*|
*International Market Only|
| |

There are 186 calories in Pokka Milk Tea

You have recently gained a position as a junior marketing assistant in an organisation thatoperates in the sector on which your casebook is based and your boss (the marketing manager)has asked you to review the appropriateness

of one of your current products for a targetsegmentCompany: PokkaProduct: Lemon tea EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 
Pokka is a well known F&B company in Singapore & Asia Pacific region. The Group has alsosuccessfully expanded overseas in more than 50 countries across Asia, the Middle East andEurope. As the F&B market grows steadily, Pokka is facing fierce competition as well asunexpected threats from the constant changing market environment. Therefore, in order toremain competitive, a Pokka product ± Pokka Lemon Tea will be reviewed for itsappropriateness for its target segment by systematic analysis of:Market environment description- Singapore with a population of 4.8 million is a lucrative marketfor a non-carbonated fruit tea beverage product.Macro-environment description- demographic, natural, technological are the major forces whichhave most impacts on sale.Micro-environment description- marketing organisation, marketing intermediaries, customers, public and competitors are the major forces which influence the saleProduct description- Pokka lemon tea is made from the wonderful combination of authentic, real- brewed black tea and delicious fruit juices to give refreshing and unique tastes.Target segment- Customers prefer lemon flavour-drink for their non-carbonated drink. Healthconscious customers are also targeted.The market environments of the company and target segment will be studied. The extent towhich Pokka Lemon meets consumer needs and wants will be drawn based on the above study INTRODUCTION

Backed by more 30 years of experience in the beverage industry and over 16 years in restaurantand food outlet management, Pokka is well-entrenched in the F&B scene of Singapore & AsiaPacific region. Pokka has a broad range of products of food and beverage which more than 40varieties of beverages in various packaging are being produced in Singapore for distribution in both local and overseas market (Pokka, brief history, 2009). As the F&B market grows steadily,Pokka is facing fierce competition as well as unexpected threats from the constant changingmarket environment. Therefore, in order to remain competitive, a Pokka product ± Pokka LemonTea will be reviewed for its appropriateness...
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