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  • Published : March 23, 2010
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1.0 Preliminary Analysis and Screening: Matching Company/Country Needs

1.1 Company Characteristic

Pokka Corporation is a large Multi-National Company, which operates in about 5 business segments. They are Food and Beverage products, which is one of its main business segments and offers products like coffee beverages, fruits and vegetable beverages, health foods and so on. (CreditRiskMonitor.com, 2008).

Pokka’s key marketing skill is its innovation. The ever-changing consumer tastes and preferences, causes companies like Pokka to be innovative and very consumer conscious. Pokka continuously produces new beverages to meet the needs of these consumers. Furthermore, they have food technologist from Japan, who has joined their Research and Development team to help develop new and exciting products. According to their website, the R&D department has come up with 40 new varieties beverage products, which are now being sold in countries around the world. (Pokka.ListedCompany.com, 2008)

Pokka philosophy is Delighting customers through a commitment to provide "BEST-IN-CLASS" products and services and Pokka vision is to be the "BEST-IN-CLASS" beverage contract manufacturer of choice. From statement above we can know that Pokka want to become the best in the industry by providing the customers with good quality product and excellent services to customers so whenever customers think beverage product they will think of Pokka (Pokka Ace, 2008).

In 2008 Pokka revenue increase 15.4% from last year, also Pokka net profit increase 273.3% from 2.5 to 9.4 million US dollar. This is the first time Pokka company gain double digit revenue growth rate in six years (Pokka Annual Report, 2008).

Pokka board of director

|Name |Position | |Mr Akifumi Ito |Chairman | |Mr Tatsuo Yoshioka |Chief Executive Officer | |Mr Masahiro Hirata |Non-Executive Director | |Mr Masahiko Kusada |Non-Executive Director | |Mr Tom Yee Lat Shing |Independent Non-Executive Director | |Dr Tan Eng Liang |Independent Non-Executive Director | |Mr Keith Tay Ah Kee |Independent Non-Executive Director |

(Pokka, 2008)

1.2 Home-Country Constraints (Malaysia)

1.2.1 Economic Situation

Malaysia includes in a middle income country group, Malaysia has transformed itself from a producer of raw material into an emerging multi sector economy (World Fact Book, 2008). In 2007 Malaysia economy was the 29th largest economy in the world based on GDP (purchasing power parity) 357.4 billion US dollar. Malaysia has been the world largest tin, rubber, and palm oil producer since 1943 (times magazine, 1943) also Malaysia is one of the world's largest exporters of semiconductor devices, electrical goods, and information and communication technology (ICT) products (US Department of State, 2008).

Malaysia has opened economy system that allows people around the world to enter Malaysia market and also allows Malaysia product to expand to foreign country. Since 1970 until now Malaysia government maintenance controversy NEP (New Economy Policy) that gives more opportunity for ethnic Malays in many sectors such as education, health and other that can cause unfair competition in market but NEP shows slightly show some improvement in the economy in Malaysia in general.

1.2.2 Cultural Overview

Malaysia is a multi ethnic,...
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