Topics: Test tube, Boiling tube, Laboratory glassware Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: April 22, 2013
|Experiment 2. The gas produced in respiration | | | |[pic] | |(a) Label two boiling tubes A and B and place a known weight or number of living organisms in A. | | |Place an equal quantity of dead or non-living material in B. | | |Cover the mouth of each tube with a piece of aluminium foil. Press firmly into place round the rim| | |of the tube. | | |Leave the tubes for at least ten minutes. | | | | | |(b) Use a graduated pipette or syringe to place 2 cm3 lime water in each of two clean test-tubes | | |and label these A and B. | | | | | |(c) You are provided with a syringe attached to a glass delivery tube drawn out to a fine point. | | |Check that the syringe plunger is pushed fully down in the barrel. | | |...
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