Poition Paper Driving Lisence Revoked for Drinking and Driving

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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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There are many different views towards the topic of whether or not ones driver’s license should be permanently revoked for their first alcohol-related offense. My personal viewpoint towards this controversial and ongoing debate in our society is that a person should have more than one chance with regards to these offences. People under the age of twenty one who are involved in alcohol-related offences are not properly educated to the effects this substance has on the mind and body. Also, first time offenders, no matter their age, are not aware of the consequences their actions carry. Finally, if the offender has the disease of alcoholism there are programs to help them recover.

To begin, there are many people under the age of twenty one getting alcohol-related offences and they have no idea how much their bodies can handle or the effect it has on them. For example, a high school kid is leaving a party and it’s the first time they have ever consumed an alcoholic beverage. They have two beers which would more than likely take them over the Florida limit of .08 and get pulled over. The student would not feel intoxicated but would get a D.U.I. When a person is under the age of twenty one I believe it would be an unfair consequence to never be able to drive again. If they had an alcohol-related offence without the knowledge of how alcohol affects their minds and bodies. People under the age of twenty one also have not matured or have a lot of experience with this substance, and as they get older they are able to recognize their limitations.

Second, first time offenders usually are not aware of the consequences their actions hold. For example, people tend to learn lessons after making an initial mistake. I know for me I learn my limitations by action. I usually do not realize the consequences to my actions until I have made the mistake and suffered from them. For example, I am one of those people who have gotten a D.U.I. The circumstances to my offence were I was...
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