Poisonwood Bible Book 5

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Poisonwood Bible: Book Five – Exodus
Book five is appropriately called Exodus, because Orleanna finally reaches her lowest level and leaves Nathan. After Ruth May dies, she feels that she just needs to keep moving, taking the girls with her. The women set route to Leopodville, Leah gets sick and is nursed back to health be Anatole, who she later marries. Rachel escapes with Axelroot on his plane, while Orleanna and Adah try to make it to the Leopodville via ferry. As they try to make their way, they are picked up by soldiers, who get spooked by Orleanna’s eyes and they hand them over to the Belgium embassy that treat them back to health and send them back to Georgia. Rachel and Axelroot move to Johannesburg where they try to fit into higher society.

Once back in Georgia; Orleanna & Adah move into a cabin where Orleanna starts a garden and finds herself quite good at it. Leah enrolls in medical school and gets treated for her limp. Rachel eventually leaves Axelroot for a French ambassador, which she eventually divorces to marry a rich older man that leaves her a hotel in his will. Leah and Anatole have four kids, but they are constantly tormented by political turmoil and the fact that an African had married a white woman. When Anatole is about to get released from prison, the three sisters reunite, where they learn the fate of their father, that Rachel will not allow Anatole to stay in her hotel and that Rachel didn’t particularly love the new Adah. 1. Why does Rachel decide to stay in Africa, instead of going back to Georgia as she has expressed previously? 2. Why does Adah miss her limp? Does Orleanna feel like she has a connection with the flowers like she did with Ruth May? Is it redemption for her?
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