Poisoning America - Describes the harmful effects of chemicals in American food and the corrupt food industry that has taken over the country. Includes Works Cited list

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  • Published: April 27, 2006
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Poisoning America

A fresh, garden salad and "All Natural" ranch dressing topped with sliced carrots and cucumbers sounds like a reasonably healthy snack right? Wrong. The fact is that almost all of the food in America can be deadly. Yes deadly. Don't believe me? Well everyone knows that obesity has risen significantly in America and heart disease, stroke, and diabetes are more common in Americans today than ever before. Part of it has to do with lack of physical activity and exercise, but even people who exercise regularly are becoming ill. Not only people who are exercising regularly but people who are supposedly eating healthy foods are also getting diseases. People say it can be in their genes but I believe that if they want to than they can still prevent it. Technology has become a major part in the food industry today where chemicals have changed the way food is made, prepared and grown. It doesn't make sense for chemists to be making our food. Our bodies were made to consume nutrients grown 100% from the earth. The bottom line is that almost all of the name brand food people buy today is poisoned with harmful chemicals and here are three main reasons why this is so.

Food today travels all over the country and even the world before making its way into the home and once it enters the home, it may not be eaten right away. Food companies want their product to last longer so chemicals are added to keep food from going bad before it enters someone's mouth. An apple, for example, must be rinsed off before it is eaten. Why is this? Because the chemicals that are sprayed on the apple to keep it from spoiling quickly can be harmful to the body. The skin of an apple is like the human skin; it has pores. Those chemicals are not only on the surface but they seep into the apple as well through the apple's pores. This is the same with any fruit or vegetable found at the supermarket today.

People prefer food that tastes good so artificial flavors are added in the...
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