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Topics: Health care, Effect, Clinical trial Pages: 2 (307 words) Published: January 16, 2013
The report is limited to just 2,000 words.

Make sure the investigation has the following included:

• The care needs of the individual
• Existing services within the area. How does this meet the needs of the individual. Include examples.

Analysis of research

• How the services identified, help the person's situation and deal with any problems. • Practitioner roles and how they work together to provide an effective care plan for the individual • quality assurance procedures

• the impact of legislation on service provision i.e. how will it affect the individual. Does this affect their health? EXPLAIN!

• The procedures used to collect data
• The study findings in relation to the choice and quality of services. How are they available in the area. i.e. is post code effect care provided to individuals

* How the NHS/ health care meet the needs of individuals, in terms of demographic characteristics; access. Are there any barriers to stop effective care. * national policy and funding;
* Are there any national and local priorities. Explain

What information required to gather for the Iechyd a Gofal Exam 2013

1. Background about the disease. i.e. what cause it, what makes it worse, prognosis. 2. Things that have been installed to help a individual with the disease or policies i.e. National and local services. – contact Welsh assembly if needed

3. How the General practitioner plans an effective health care plan. What makes it effective? Explain 4. What are the demographic characteristics
5. The impact of legislation on service provision- How this affects the individual and their health care. – Does this delay any health care service? If so what healthcare service – how does it effect and why?

Things to remember
* Explain
* Reference information collected!
* Use quotes that are relevant to the topic i.e. the disease or the policies * Collect enough background information before the exam....
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