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  • Published : October 20, 2008
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Through the entire novel of The War of the Worlds the main theme should just stick out and be easily identified. As Martians from Mars continue to roam the Earth and cold heartedly destroy and eliminate any human activity in their presence, the people who reside in the battles and those who try and survive the bloodshed seem to be somewhat tested. The human response to all of the massacres and violent outbursts is what the author wanted to put out there so show how we would possibly react if this were to be placed in reality. The narrator in the story is focused on to show how one would give the will power and energy to progress further and see how long one would be able to last through all the horror. Blockades creating problems and having someone to try and force their way through a particular one.

The Martians landing on Earth signify what the humans are to be focused on taking care of on their own by any way they choose to do so. Breaking the barriers of what the outsiders create. And in this case, their goal to eliminate all human life whatsoever. The Martians are the producers of what the humans are set to overcome and fulfill their superiority over those who come in their path. Their response to the attack on their home is the whole idea of what the story is based upon. Doing whatever they can to even an extreme extent is an option they are allowed to engage in.

The minor characters in the story, such as the military soldier the narrator meets up with in the middle of the story, and his wife and kids play the important role to where the main character, the narrator is objected to help with the survival of those who he interacts with and at the same time, himself. Anything the narrator decides to do portrays the way we look at his on how he is supposed to react with the survival situation that he is placed in. You can pretty much say that the secondary characters in the novel both helped and others just simply pushed the main character back even...
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