Pointers in Humanities

Topics: Philippines, Edgardo M. Reyes, Freddie Aguilar Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: November 25, 2012
Test 2 year title what happen
Chapter 2 Pre-Spanish Period Malayo-Polynesian Alphabet
Chapter 3 The Spanish Period (1565-1898) Contribution of Spaniards, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi – 1st gov. gen in the phil. Chapter 4 The Period of Enlightenment (1872-1898)3 priests killed GOMBURZA – Propaganda Movement(1872-1896) Chapter 5 The American Regime (1898-1941) First elected president “Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo” Chapter 6 Japanese Period (1941-1945) 3 poems HAIKU,TANAGA,KARANIWANG ANYO Chapter 7 Rebirth of Freedom (1946-1970) Start of PALANCA AWARDS Chapter 8 Period Activism (1970-1972) Youth Power of Activism Chapter 9 Period of New Society (1972-1980) September 21 ,1972-PERIOD OF NEW SOCIETY;Continuation of PALANCA Awards Chapter 10 Third Republic (1981-1985) “Ends of Martial Law” Chapter 11 Periods (1896-1999) “People Power”

Test 1
1. hernando abaya-“Betrayal in The Philippines”
2. antonio enriquez-“Spots In Their Wings And Other Stories” 3. ricardo demetillo-“The Heart of Emptiness is Black” 4. cirilo bautista-“The Ritual”;”The Archipelagp”;”The Man Who Made a Covenant With The Wind”;”Charts” 5. Salvador P. Lopez – “For Freedom and Democracy”

6. maria luna lopez – “I Married a Newspaperman” wife of Salvador lopez 7. September 21 ,1972-PERIOD OF NEW SOCIETY;Continuation of PALANCA Awards 8. Abbre –“KKK,SAGUPA,KTPD,SDK,MDP
9. jose lacaba – writers in activism period “DAYS OF DISQUIET”,” NIGHTS OF RAGE”,” THE FIRST QUARTERS STORM AND RELATED EVENTS”

10. Genoveva Edroza-“Kwento ni Mabuti”;”AKO’Y ISANG TINIG” 11. Pedro Dandan-“Mabangis na Kamay,Maamong Kamay”
12. Elpidio Capulong-“Planeta, Buwan at mga Bituin”
13. palanca awards- Carlos Palanca Sr.; started in 1950;
14. teodoro agoncillo-“ANG MAIKLING KWENTONG TAGALOG” 15. juan laya – “HIS NATIVE SOIL”
16. Rafael Zulueta da Costa – “Like The Molave”
17. Salvador P. Lopez – “Literature and Society”
18. The good fight- President...
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