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Managing an SP function is a tough job. It is even more difficult in the Reserve since you only see your people twice a month. Effective use of time is essential. The pamphlet you’ve been is a compilation of the most modern, effective time management techniques to date.

Time wasters (page 2-1)
Occupational requirements and traits
( long phone calls, unnecessary correspondence, red tape, etc) Personal, self-generated traits
( procrastination, lack of delegation, poor organization)

Planning and Organization is key
Establishing goals and objectives
Assign priorities to your goals
Establish activities to complete these goals
Keep Pareto’s Principles in mind (80% 20%)
Schedule activities toward goal accomplishment

Sit down and determine your life goals
(job, career, family, relationship, etc)
Prioritize your goals by the A,B,Cs as to their importance
Then, prioritize you’re A, B, Cs within their own category (A-1, A-2, A-3, etc)
Revive lifetime goals at least once per year
( your birthday is a good time; reflect on the past and future) Discuss Pareto’s principle of 80% 20%
80% of the projects you do only solve 20% of your problems while if properly chosen, 20% of your projects could solve 80% of your problems

Make time to accomplish your goals
Be sure to use your prioritize lists
Use daily schedules to ensure specific tasks are completed during that day Carry a pocket calendar to keep track of these tasks
Generally, 0930-1130 are your peak production periods; schedule tasks offering the most value during this time

Advice on Handling Meetings
Explore if there are alternatives to having the meeting
( many meetings unnecessary)
Keep attendance to a minimum; only those necessary to work the problem Schedule them before lunch, quitting time, or other important engagements. This will encourage the group to solve the problem...
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