Point of View on Racism in Australia

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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As I passionately sat in my chair waiting for the final siren to sound of an intense, brutal preliminary final game at the magnificent MGC a hurl of abuse from one member of the public disgusted everyone around me. The language and brutal force of the words shocked and silenced the crowd around me, the true colours of a racist was sitting in front of me at the football. A tall white catholic man was abusing a Chinese man for cheering at a sport where his authenticity was apparently not allowed to cheer for. The comment aimed at the Chinese man made me angry, furious and nearly sent me over the edge as in our country, our greatest sporting stadium even the low life bum can send his violent words at another man who has every right to be cheering and living a happy life in his country. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen today I stand here before you to announce that the greatest country in the world, our country is a racist country.

As a country we are very marketable to the world, we have fantastic schools, universities and a range of jobs anyone can apply for. We are seen as the best country in the world to live in... so I thought. I am the most fanatic sports person, I love watching Australia do well in everything we put our hands up for, even if we may not be successful we never quit and always fight against the odds but how can we as a nation hold our heads up high when some nationalities don't feel accepted and safe here? Nowadays people can use the internet to share their also racist thoughts, for example, Facebook is turning into a 'bash any other culture that isn't Australian' social network. One day doesn't go by where my newsfeed shows people joining groups such " were full, get out!" or even worse "spook the gook". It disheartens me as a Australian citizen to see such violent acts of cruelness is taking place. These racist thoughts and views of different nationalities makes me wonder how some people can think that our wonderful country full of...
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