Point of Sales with Inventory System

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1.0 Introduction
This chapter describe the design for the proposed Computerized Point of Sale with Inventory System. 1.1Background of the Study
A Computerized Point of Sale with Inventory System can be classified as a Transaction Processing System (TPS).
A Transaction Processing System supports the everyday operation of business, providing detailed information. The primary objectives of the TPS are accuracy and ease of use. TPS automates the handling of data about a transaction that produces reports immediately and provides standards summarization of reports which can be moved from process to process to manage all aspects of transaction activities.

The system automates transaction process that takes place within the firm. The proposed project provides a database for the records of the employees and products.
Computerized Point of Sales with Inventory System plays an important part to the corporation especially in the accounting system to provide accurate financial records and ad hoc reports to different agencies of the government.

1.2Statement of the Objectives
1.2.1General Objective
* The main objective of this study is to develop and enhance the transaction and inventory process ofMarket Price Grocery that will ensure every transaction are accurate and stocks are always monitored. 1.2.2Specific Objectives

* To provide a fast-automatic calculations of every transactions. * To produce a clear and reliable transaction and inventory reports generation. * The system will provide clear, reliable and accurate data and information in every summary of the transaction reports. This ensures all the information written in the summary reports are reliable and realistic. * To provide an accurate stocks monitoring system.

* To add security for the employees’ private information. * The system will provide security to the employees’ details. It ensures every informationis safe and cannot be edited by unauthorized person. 1.3Significance of the Study

This study is prepared by the researcher to grant Market Price Grocery the necessary information needed to help them to improve the business’ operation through inventory system. This study will also be significantly valuable and useful to other stakeholders such as; it will provide the owners of Market Price Grocery to give them a clear picture of the company’s performance in terms of its inventory management and will provide them the necessary information to access their present business policies and strategies concerning inventory management. Second, it will help the employees and to guide them on what roles they will do to help the store with the inventory system. And the last thing is it will also serves as a guide or future researcher who will have the interest to undertake further related studies. 1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study

* Scope
Upon completion of the proposed system, it will include the following: * File Maintenance
This module is able to add, edit, delete and search the following: * Products
* Supplier
* Unit of Measurement
* Category of Products
* User Accounts
* Level of Access
The proposed system has a security module for the level of access of the following: * Store Manager/Owner
The manager and owner can access the whole system
* Cashier.
The cashier can only access the system’s Point - of - Sales * Sales Clerk.
The sales clerk can only access the Product Inquiry
* Inventory Clerk.
The inventory clerk can access the inventory for the products and product inquiry. * Transactions
* Point of Sale
This is a module where all transactions will take place
* Purchase Order.
This is the module for the products that needs to be recorded * Received Order.
This is the module in which ordered products are being received * On Order.
This is the module that holds back orders.
* Inquiry
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