Point of Sales System

Topics: Point of sale, Inventory, Requirements analysis Pages: 26 (6432 words) Published: March 16, 2013
A proposed Computerized Point of Sale System
Of Family Country Hotel Pasalubong Center



This worthy piece of work would not be possible without the assistance of the different entities who gave their unselfish support and help for the completion of this study. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following:

We would like to honor and adore our Almighty Creator who gave us many chances to live in this wonderful world and to prove ourselves to everyone and show our worth. We would not be able to complete this study without the guidance of our Almighty Father and without HIM, we are nothing.

To our beloved institution, the Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges which gave us permission to commence this research work.
To the owner of the Family Country Hotel, Mr. Adriano B. Golingan who gave his wholehearted willingness and gave us valuable information and for their time and effort in the production of this research and plan .

To our Dean and System Analysis and Design Teacher, Ms. Ethel Oczon, MSIS who gave her full support to us until we finished this research and encouraged us to do such things that can help us through our journey and never doubted that we would be able to comply this study. ii

We would also like to express our gratitude to our beloved parents, Mr. & Mrs. Gervacio, Mr. & Mrs. Milo and Mrs. Ninfa Sison who supported us not only financially but also emotionally and spiritually. We also thank them for always being at our side whenever we needed them and for being our inspiration. To the student of this beloved institution, we would like to share this research to each and every one especially to those who have the system analysis and design subject.

Approval Sheeti
Table of Contentsiii
List of Tablesiv
Chapter 1 – Background of the Study1
Statement of the Problem4
Objectives of the Study4
Significance of the Study6
Scope and Limitation7
System Development and Methodology8
Chapter II – Related Review and Literature9
Chapter III – System Analysis15
System Feasibility17
Operational Feasibility17
Technical Feasibility18
Economic Feasibility18
System Requirement Specification26
Hardware Specification26
Software Specification27
Future Growth, Cost and Benefit28
Total Cost of Ownership28
Chapter IV – System Design (screen shot)30
Main Menu31
Product Information32
Category Information33
Product Type Information34
User Information35
User Stamp36
Stock In37
Stock Out38
Product Requisition39
All Products Report40
Out of Stock Product41
Quantity on Hand42
Chapter V – Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation43
Letter of Request
Certification (Client)
Certification (Grammarian)
Survey Question
Curriculum Vitae

Table 1 – Cost and Breakdown of existing system18
Table 1.1 – Power consumption f the existing system21
Table 1.2 – Cost and analysis of the existing system22
Table 2 – Cost and breakdown of the proposed system23
Table 2.1 – Power consumption of the proposed system24
Table 2.2 – Cost and analysis of the proposed system25
Table 3 – Cash flow and payback analysis26


As computers open a whole new world in business, information and transportation it really made complex task very easy, with competition in everywhere particularly in Point of Sales, an edge in automation. This proposal aims to...
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