Point of Sale and Inventory System

Topics: Point of sale, Computer, Cash register Pages: 42 (7522 words) Published: March 26, 2013

Title: Point of Sale System for Stone Pro Enterprise


Serolf, Jham

Year : 2013
Course: Computer Science Technology



1.1 Introduction

Man have come a long way in doing business transactions with each other. From the primitive ways of exchanging goods or “barter system”, to the more complex “e-commerce” or doing business transactions with the help of the internet. With technology rapidly changing and upgrading every now and then, companies must adopt to be able to excel in each businesses’ “cut-throat” competition.

Automation of one’s point of sale and inventory system puts you a step ahead in the game. It helps you conduct business transactions with ease as you only have to press a few keys. It liberates you from countless paper works as computation of the day’s sale and keeping track of inventory are done automatically.

With these things in mind, we, the Blue Link Technology group , hopes that upon completion of this Proposed Point of Sale and Inventory System, Stone Pro Enterprise will find it of great value and an indispensable asset in the company. That through the use of this System, unnecessary loss of time spent on computation of payments will be minimized and greater client satisfaction will be achieved. On the part of the management, knowing which products are in need of procurement and which are not, will help avoid over stocking and greatly minimize unnecessary expenses. At the end of the day, all transactions will be properly documented and generation of reports will just be a few keystrokes away.

Finally, we hope that with the development of the said System, we will be able to help Stone Pro Enterprise become a company more competitive and quality wise, worthy of recognition in the local industry.

1.2 Background and purpose of the study

Most companies nowadays use computers in transacting with their clients. Companies are now making their systems computerized because using a computerized system will help the company minimize the time and efforts consumed by using manual system.

Stone Pro Enterprise provide not only cleaning services for your natural stones flooring, but also offer wide variety of floor care supplies and products.

A sale refers to the exchange of product or services for an amount of money or its equivalent while Inventory in a business, is a total amount of goods and the act of counting them. A company owner must know the precise number of items in their storage areas in order to place orders and control losses. Computerizing both Sales and Inventory System will make an easier and faster transaction with the customers as well as monitoring the stocks of the products.

The benefit of Point of Sale with Inventory system is that this system makes a business much more efficient, lowering the costs of running the business while improving customer service and making the business more pleasant to work in while Computerized inventory system helps management control the inventories, in turn lowering overall operating costs in the areas of labor, facilities and logistics. A computerized inventory system also improves customer-service metrics and fulfillment rates.

1.3 Theoretical Framework

The study is for Stone Pro Enterprise by using “Visual Basic” that were relatively easy to learn and use. The researchers were able to analyze the speed properties. Analyzing the point of sale design and code; it is important because the study needs to have a quality for the transaction to be accepted and a good imitator of transaction. The study use IPO chart on knowing the output of the study. The input will be a design and code. The input will pass through several process. These are the speed of transaction.

1.4 Conceptual Framework

Figure 1
Research Paradigm
Point of Sale System Stone Pro Enterprise

1.5 Statement...
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