Point-of-Purchase Displays: Promotional Tools for Retailers

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Erin Luke
Design Survey
October 19, 2004


Point-of-purchase (POP) displays are promotional tools for retailers. These 3D displays are used in items such as video games, and frozen food. Milwaukee has been an important location for POP design and manufacturing for more than 50 years.[1] The exhibit From Corner Bars to Exotic Cars will be showing at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and design from July 23 till March 14, 2005. Two promotional designs I feel that contrast in terms of successful consumer appeal both came from the DCI marketing company. One of the best is a design for AT&T wireless 2003, and the least successful in my opinion is the Hormel 2001 design for Pork Roast Au Jus.

Hormel (2001,DCI marketing) shows a display for Pork roast Au jus. The product is in a black rectangular plastic box, with a paper label wrapped around it. The display is simple. The self-facing shelving system is made out of clear plastic allowing the Hormel graphics to be the main visual focus. The paper label’s main colors are green, red, gold on a black background. The word’s Hormel and Pot Roast, Au Jus are placed above a picture of the product when cooked. This picture of the food takes up almost half of the box’s space. Located on the boxes lower left hand corner is the text “ Fully Heats in four minutes” with a circular border around it. The location of this product would be in a super market refrigerator section. The lighting for this wouldn’t be as bright as other products, because it would be sitting behind refrigerator doors or on a lower store shelf.

I think in some ways Hormel succeeds at creating an attention grabbing product, but fails at making a desirable product. The self shelving system is very innovative because its label is its own billboard. The way the boxes label faces the viewer, rather than the viewer looking down at the label helps draw a persons gaze to the product quicker. Hormels POP display lack of success may come from its dull...
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