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Poetry Packet

By | November 2012
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Keaton Crook
English 175
Poetry Packet

Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe

Anabel Lee is about a young couple that is madly in love with one another but tragically the young girl loses her life in the end. Poe is the character who loses his lover to death; the poem has some serious darkness regarding the loss of his lover. It is hard to tell the setting of the poem but he mentions “Kingdom of the Sea”, it makes the reader curious about the location of the characters. Poe sort of blames everybody except himself for the death of his lover, even going as far as blaming it on the Angels rather than himself. We don’t really know when this whole story of the poem took place but he does say right at the beginning “It was many and many a year ago”, and “long ago”. In Anabel Lee,” Edgar Allan Poe uses the poetic devices of repetition and rhyme scheme to channel a tone of death and darkness. What I noticed right away when I printed out the poem was how the poem had long lines and short lines throughout the whole poem. The two stanzas have the same middle beginning/end. Poe uses repeated lines and phrases throughout the poem. Almost to the end of the poem Lee is repeated, which emphasizes who Poe is writing about, repeating over and over his love for her. Also the word “Sea”, is repeated throughout the whole play, but is used in a different fashion as the poem goes on. Throughout the poem you will notice that everything rhymes with Lee which is the Rhyme Scheme. Also he uses Iambic meter, by having an unstressed syllable and then follows with a stress syllable. He also uses anapest, writing two stressed syllables and then an unstressed syllable. He makes the poem flow so well, it is amazing to read, must have taken him forever to organize it from the long and short lines to interchanging iambic and anapest. There is a sense of night and darkness, with sickness and death, and this really displays a feeling of tragedy and loss. Another key aspect of showing...

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