Poetry in Modern Society

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Literature, Black people Pages: 4 (1498 words) Published: July 21, 2012
Recently I studied a piece of literature deemed as a 'classic' work. Fortunately the slews that entertained the pages of this composition absolutely astonished me and putting the dog-eared pages to rest for the night was often like fighting a losing battle. The events of this book followed the lives of two young children and although said events were sometimes magnificently overwhelming they generally corroborated that of happy and exciting lives of curious children, better known as Jem and Scout Finch. (This is a very long sentence. A single sentence should contain just one idea. Break this one down.)Of course all children learn and grow up and as I conquered my way through the Pulitzer Prize winner 'To Kill A Mocking Bird', a famous work that Harper Lee released in 1960, which detailed the years of the children's youth, it became clear that they were in the progressions of such inevitability.  

Whence reading this composition, the lessons that Scout and Jem were experiencing played shyly on my subconscious and it wasn't until recent sparks of debate concerning the place of classic literature among our modern world that my conscience found itself suddenly awake and passionately boisterous.  

The curriculum of Senior English curriculum is currently under examination after an uproar as to whether or not classic texts are relevant and should be studied. in this, o Our modern day society reared its ugly and controversial head and has become a recent faucet of exhilarating discussion among Australia-wide communities. There are a minority that hold an aggressive belief that classic texts are considered to be a 'thing of the past'. The ancient (ancient is not ‘classic’)English is considered harmful to our grammar and spelling skills. An argument is also expressed as to what benefits does studying ancient literature offer to young Joe and his aspirations to excel in IT?  

On the contrary, there is a healthy argument circulating that "...a classic is that thing...
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