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Topics: Walter Raleigh, Poverty, Poetry Pages: 6 (2019 words) Published: March 25, 2013
In this essay I will be exploring how the poets expressed their views in a strong and effective way. I shall be writing about three poems.

• Base Details by Siegfried Sassoon

• On the life of man by Walter Raleigh

• Those bastards in their mansions by Simon Armitage

Base Details

Siegfried Sassoon

In this essay I will be describing the contrasts and explore the attitude of the poet in a strong and effective way. This poem is written by Siegfried Sassoon, who was a soldier during the First World War. He used the majors and the soldiers as protagonists of this poem. The poet has described the physical attributes of the majors who would stay at the base, because they were fat, short of breath. Siegfried uses number of abusive and mockery words to describe their behaviour towards one another.

In the beginning of the poem the poet says that he’d live in with the majors at the base. He used abusive and mockery words to describe the physical attributes they posses. The poet says that “Bald”, “short of breath” and “scarlet”. The word “bald” means that they didn’t have any hair on their head, and “short of breath” refers towards their shape and body figure. The lexis” scarlet” has a lot of meanings, but in their case it means that they were guilty. The majors were the main reason for the death of the soldiers. These three words highlight the characteristics of them, as well as it was mentioned in the first two lines of the poem.

Afterwards, Siegfried immediately talks about the soldiers whose fate was inevitably a fateful misery. The author observes the fact that, they were active and they used to get forced towards the frontline. This is evidenced from the poem he states that: - “And speed glum heroes up the line to death”. Nevertheless, since they met their fate bravely and gave their life in the war, this made them a true hero.

Additionally, the poet goes back to the description of the major’s actions. So the poet uses the word “Guzzle” and “Gulp” in the “best hotel”. In this context the poet describes that the poet himself and the majors would eat and drink in an excessive manner. Therefore the word “guzzle” means to eat in an excessive manner, and the word “gulp” to drink in an excessive manner as it makes a gulping sound, therefore the poet used them two word to make it effective.

Moreover, since the war is still happening the majors would continuously eat and drink. To such an extent that the poet has described their faces as “Puffy” and “petulant”, the poet has used the mockery words again to describe the majors. The word “puffy” means that they would be fat and “petulant” means to be swollen. Afterwards he uses the sarcasm attitude towards the soldiers by stating: - “Poor young chap, Roll of Honour is an alliteration which the poet has used. I’d say”. He’d say “poor young chap” to show their grief towards the soldiers, and “Roll of Honour” is a faceless list of names of the soldiers. In reality the majors weren’t really cared for them whilst they were burying the soldiers.

Nevertheless, after burying them they would continue their sarcastic conversations about their innocent soldiers. Siegfried proofs this from the poem he says that “I’d say I used to know his father well; yes, we’ve lost heavily in this scrap”. This shows up their fake and strong relationship between them. He also mentions the word “scrap” to describe the war. The majors would describe this war as a scrap. This war means nothing to them, regardless they’ve lost heavily amount of soldiers. This part of the poem is a technique of euphemisms. This war was like a board games, how a player would sacrifice a counter to gain victory.

In conclusion, the poet gives a scenario or a clear contrast of the soldiers and the majors. They’d be scattered everywhere. I mean that the majors would “toddle” due to their fat and overeating. Therefore they’d walk slowly and safely,...
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