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Poetry Coursework

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Innocence is a vulnerable quality which needs protecting. In the general depiction of innocence it is seen that a child’s understanding of the world around them is limited. Although through death and adulthood this innocence can be taken away. It has also been taken from children because the age ratings of films are more relaxed. This enables a younger audience to see more graphic, violent, sexual and potentially disturbing content than previously allowed. Furthermore, parents are not aware of the risks of the internet and a child could unintentionally be in contact with a paedophile. Thus stripping the child of their innocence completely. A child should grow up in a happy, friendly environment and should be protected from the dangers and risks of the world around them. In the poem ‘Mrs. Tilschers Class’ the depiction of childhood is of a varied and contrasted stage of growing up. At the beginning of the poem the depiction of an innocent childhood is given, this can be shown by the children thinking that the teacher giving them a gold star is an act of love. In the poem ‘Mid- Term Break’ the depiction of childhood is of morbidity and innocence. At the beginning of the poem the character is embarrassed by old men shaking his hand. This is strange considering that his brother just died. The poem is very morbid and shows a different side of childhood. The character is growing up more quickly. The first and second stanzas abound with descriptions of childhood as a time of innocence and fantasy by the mention of the blue Nile and tracing the route. This evokes a sense of mystery and fantasy. Innocence is shown by the mention of the classroom glowing like a sweet shop and the children thinking that the teacher loved them because she gave out gold stars. The sensory language in stanza one uses the imagination of the reader and gets them more involved with the poem. The second person narrative makes you feel as if someone is writing about them self and making the poem...

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