Poetry Comparisons on War

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Attack by Siegfried Sassoon; Anthem for Doomed Youth by Wilfred Owen; Belfast Confetti by Ciaran Carson; No More Hiroshima's by James Kirkup

Compare and contrast the attitudes to conflict shown in three or four of these poems, pointing out how the poets use language to explore their ideas and emotions.

Two of the poems listed above, attack and anthem for doomed youth are to do with things that happened during world war 1.

Both Wilfrid Owen and Siegfried Sassoon were involved with this war, fighting for their country. The poems that they wrote about the war told of their experiences and in attack some of the terrible things Sassoon saw and was made to do.

Anthem for doomed youth is more about what happened to the people at home and what they had to go through when they realised their men weren't coming home.

I think that the authors of these poems wrote about the war because they wanted people to realise that war wasn't a good thing, all it brought about was pain, suffering and it killed a lot of people unnecessarily.

Belfast Confetti is written about the troubles in Northern Ireland. In it the poet Ciaran Carson describes his route through the troubled streets. the poem talks of home-made bombs, firing guns and other missiles. It mentions some of the street names that he goes through all of which are the names of battles in various wars.

When reading the poem you imagine that it should be said very fast almost imitating the gun shots spoken about by the author.

The last poem I'll be writing about is No More Hiroshima's by James Kirkup.

This poem is all about what remains of the city of Hiroshima after an atomic bomb was dropped on it at the end of world war 2.

Kirkup describes his first impressions of Hiroshima as he passes through and other things he saw there that made him upset. I think that he decided to write this poem because what he saw affected him greatly and in some way he was almost angry when he saw some of the inhabitants attempts at trying to once again reconstruct a normal life for themselves.

The bomb itself which was the first atomic bomb ever to be used in warfare was dropped on August 6th 1945. Over 130, 000 people were killed or severely injured by the bomb and its after effects.

This means that Kirkup had nothing at all to do with Hiroshima itself as the bomb was dropped before his time. Also he wasn't Japanese.

The first poem that I have decided to write about in full is attack by Siegfried Sassoon. As I mentioned before this poem is written about world war 1. and what happened to the soldiers when they went out of the trenches. The things that they saw, did and thought ass they went to meet their fate be that death or survival which could be just as unlucky in some cases.

By the way that the poem has been written you can tell that the poet is very much against war. One of the things that I think stands out most is that at the end of the poem he says'

"O Jesu, make it stop!"

The poet is speaking as someone who has experienced war and knows an awful lot about it, which is true. however he has written the poem in the third person which makes me think that he wasn't one of those young men struggling in the poem. I think that Sassoon decided to write this poem so that the people at home would see what war was really like, not just the glorified tale that most people had heard. He wanted to try and make sure that nothing like this would ever happen again.

When spoken this poem would have to be said fairly slowly and with a sad tone of voice because this poem is very gloomy and not one that you should enjoy reading or listening to.

Something which I have noticed being used in this poem is Metaphors, some examples of them are,

"Smouldering through spouts of drifting smoke that shroud
The menacing slope;"


"Lines of grey, muttering faces, masked with fear"

I think that these...
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