Poetry Assignment Lord of the Flies

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Savagery VS Civilization by Merizzz Ever since humanity began,

A battle started within man.
Two instincts equally strong,
Have been inside us all along.
Each trying to take control.
Different desires and different needs,
Possessing our thoughts and our deeds;
Two instincts control them all.

Savagery is the vicious one.
Thirst for blood and inclination to destroy.
The end justifies what to be done.
Our primitive desires. Our own selfish joy.
An instinct so brutal and reason-free.
Inside our being it will forever be.

Civilization is the disciplined one.
Longing for sociality and inclination to know.
Forming our heritage in the long run,
As we desire for law, morals and life to grow.
An instinct that fulfills our social nature,
Distinguishing us from any other creature.

Two instincts battle within man,
Ever since humanity began


Poetry Assignment
I decided to do my poem on theme and I guess conflict, Savagery VS Civilization. I chose this poem because it reminded me of not only Jack, but of all the boys on the island. In the poem it says, “Ever since humanity begin, a battle started within man…” and I think that’s the same thing Golding wanted to let everyone know. That you have two instincts within yourself and if put into a position that challenges both, you’ll see which instinct is stronger: the instinct to remain civilized or to slip into savagery. Honestly, if I didn’t find this poem randomly on the computer, I’d think that someone wrote it specifically for that book because the savagery is clearly Jack and the civilization part is Ralph. Some might argue that Piggy or Simon was the most civilized but this poem and the whole...
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