Poetry and Nature

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Wordsworth is one among the best five poets in English. He wrote many poems and most of them are best known for its treatment of love for nature. “The Daffodils”, “Lines Written in Early Spring”, “To the Cuckoo”, and “My Heart Leaps Up” are very few of his poems in which the role of nature is predominant. By the close reading of the poems it is obvious that he is an ardent lover of nature. And he has the quality to heal all his deep sufferings by enjoying nature. And he insists his readers that to live in touch with nature and it will cure all their problems. Through his poems he gave such a healing power to nature. In most of his poems he considered nature as a living personality. He is a very sensitive to all changes occurred in nature.


His poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” is one of the most celebrated poem. In which the poet describes about a time when he wandered like a cloud through vales and hills. From the first line of this poem it is clear that the poet feels lonely at the time of writing this poem. Finally he saw a group of daffodils which are “fluttering and dancing in the breeze”. This is all about the first stanza of this poem. In its second stanza he started describe about the daffodils. The flowers seemed never ending so he compares it with shining stars in the Milky Way. He assumes that he might see ten thousand daffodils at a glance. This shows that the flowers are countless or large in number. And they are “tossing their heads and sprightly dance”. Here the poet is depressed internally but he tries to find happiness from his surrounding nature. In third stanza he compares the waves of the lake and daffodils. But he says that daffodils have more “glee” than the “sparking” lake. And he says that a poet can’t do anything but enjoying it. Even in his loneliness he feels some happiness inside his mind. He says that “in such a jocunt company” a poet can only enjoy it nothing more than that. He starred at the scene for a long time and he couldn’t understand what he gained by gazing at it. Here he says that nature has a power to attract any man’s attention even if the man is in depressed mood. In its last stanza he describes about what he gained from this experience. He says whenever he feels “pensive” or “vacant” this experience fills happiness in the mind of the poet and he started dancing with that flowers. It shows his change of mood after take a look of those flowers. “They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude; And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.” The dancing daffodils have that much influence in the mind of the poet. This experience was capable to heal the inner sufferings of him. From this poem he tries to teach the reader about the importance of man’s connection with nature. Only nature can give utmost pleasure to man than any material possession.

This poem is one of Wordsworth’s widely accepted poems. In which he depicts about his excitements when he saw a rainbow in the sky. This poem is well known because of its simplicity in theme and its treatment of nature. Through this poem he reveals to his readers that how childishly he keeps enjoying nature. He used to see rainbow in the sky from his childhood itself. Now he is a grown up man but still he didn’t lose his spirit towards nature. In short his love for nature is consistent. We can understand it by referring many of his poems. This poem is started with the line...
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