Poetry Analysis

Topics: God, Woman Pages: 2 (802 words) Published: April 13, 2011
Terri Scott
Mrs. Rice
Poetry Analysis
Lot's Wife
By: Anna Akhmatova (PG. 1244)

This poem was based off a biblical event told in the bible. Lot, a humble man under God’s eyesight, lived in the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. During these times, GOD was tired of the rebellion and sin that was continuing in the city, so he sent two men, that was actually angels, that appeared to Lot. When Lot took to the angels to his home, the inhabitants surrounded his house demanding for intercourse with the angels. Lot said no, and suggested his virgin daughters for the taking. The inhabitants suggested the angels, and gotten furious, trying to make their way in the house. Before they could even reach inside, the angels made it so that everyone was blind, which made Lot and his family time for preparations to leave. By the break of dawn, the family set out to leave. The angels informed Lot to leave and never turn nor look back at the city. As they ran, the wife turned around for one last look, and with the ruins of the city, she turned into the pillar of salt. The author expressed her feelings through the wife's point of view. The author went through a lot of depression and sadness, her husband was executed, she couldn't express herself in her poems as much as she could, her poems had to be less personal, and she couldn't publish anything for a certain amount of years. Her son was also imprisoned. So I think that she is directing her depression back to Lot's wife, the wife really didn't want to leave, she didn't want to let go of the memories of where her children played, where her and her friends talked and gossiped, where she birthed her children. Any woman wouldn't have a desire to leave the one place where her family had so many memories. As a interpretation I have gotten from the poem, I believe that Lot's wife was only happy in the village, and GOD couldn't stand to have the city stand any longer.

For years it had battles, and it had so much sin dwelling in it...
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