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  • Published : December 1, 2008
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Critique #1 i
English 112-Z1, J. McMullen, Wk 5, Critique #1 FC

Critique #1

Jill McMullen

English 112 Z1 – Composition II

Anne Devlin

September 9, 2008

Critique #1 1
Critique #1
The article “The Issue Isn’t Liberty; It’s Decency” by John Underwood found in About Language: A reader for Writers (3rd ed.; pp.445-450) by William H. Roberts and Gregoire Turgeon, published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, MA, 1992, his perception of our society today is where do we draw the line? How is it that certain legalized rights can be legal, when it is downgrading us as Americans? This article was a very powerful well informed article pertaining to the first amendment; freedom of speech.

Underwood writes that “a society grown dangerously out of touch with its own standards and values. To a people being relentlessly and systematically desensitized to almost every form of degenerate behavior.” This statement is logically correct as we watch more and more on our television being put out there; forms of behavior that is out right inappropriate. How many times have we seen something on television that involves violence or drug abuse or sex? This idea is very important as we will watch our children grow up learning these things and maybe not even realizing it because it has become so “normal”. “According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, by the time the average child leaves high school, he or she will have watched the enactment of 18,000 murders on American television.” As Underwood also notes “something that can deflect the truth, thus when the words of the reap group or the shock comic spew hatred and bigotry and savagery, you don’t call it “filth,” you call it “freedom of speech.” Then you can sell it at the store and in the arena, and people will laugh and sing along.” This statement to me as well is right. Critique #1 2

As more people will just find a way to be somewhat obscene just so they can earn a quick buck....
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