Poetry Analysis

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Poem Analysis

Ode to Autumn by John Keats (269 words)

The poem, To Autumn, is a famous ode that was written by John Keats, after he was inspired by the change of weather. Being a famous ode that is often quoted when discussing about such topic, the poet manages to portray a colorful description of the season. Throughout the poem, the persona or the voice of the narrator addresses the season in chronological steps of its change. The first stanza, for example, displays the process of harvesting “all fruit with ripeness to the core”. In the second stanza, the poet relates Autumn as a relaxed person hanging “around the granary” where the grains are kept. From most of the labor completed, he also conveys the fact that it is very peaceful; “furrow sound asleep”. During the last stanza, although the sound of Spring seems distant, the speaker considers Autumn’s music as fruitful and full of warmth. Overall, with the calm, soothing tone of the voice, the major theme of fruitfulness, nature, mortality and transformation is conveyed. By explaining the beauty and the serenity, he also conveys the message of his deep affection towards Autumn. There are many effective poetic techniques used to portray this main idea. Such is personification as the season is adapted with human characteristics to give a realistic sense to the topic; “Thee sitting careless” and “Thy hair soft-lifted”. Descriptive imageries such as “To swell the gourd and the hazel shells” are effectively used to create a clear, detailed picture of the typical environment. John Keats further uses alliteration with emphasis on several consonant sounds (s, m, f, v, r).  The smooth sound of m in particular is played upon to create a warm, peaceful atmosphere. Lastly, in order to emphasize on the beauty of the subject, the ode is written in the form of an iambic pentameter with a rhyming structure.

War without end by Bruce Dawe

As a famous Australian poet who focuses his writing on the controversial issues...
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