Topics: Patrick Kavanagh, County Monaghan, Agriculture Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Brief summary
This story written by Patrick Kavanagh is set in Ireland. In fact, there are some many places which are mentioned in the tale, such as South Monaghan (which is indeed the county where this poet and writer was born), Inniskeen, Mullacrew and Louth. All of them are attached to his early experiences in his native Monaghan  as well as his relationship with him working as a farmer . Consequently, we notice that fondness for rural areas, the mode of husbandry which is pretty primitive and all sort of tilling activies with a variety of tinges in this short story. For example, as regards to ‘agricultural theme’ just pay attention into the background which is made up of countryland and fields dress up in green and rainy dies. Or the primitive mean of transport that is used by mother and son. Or even the farming implement -the winnowing sheet- that is used in order to protect them from pouring rain. Having said that, we can summarize the plot of the story as it follows. A woman and her child, who lived in Inniskeen, go to visit a friend of hers who lives beyond the Hill of Mullacrew, in Louth. Along the journey they got some troubles since the boy had never driven an ass. In spite of that, they arrive there. After having stayed at her friend’s house, they got back home. The realized they got lost when they got at Mullecrew Hill. There, they asked for directions and inquired many people. However, it seems to be contradictory answers that lead to nowhere. Eventually, they decided to let the ass give its choice. Surprisingly, they manage to arrive at home by ass guiding.
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